About Our Logo

The mission of IBF Development is represented in the logo, a design incorporating three symbols:


 IBF LOGO:  In combining pieces of these three symbols, IBF’s logo reflects its mission to create positive change by bringing financial expertise to the improvement of housing and communities.  We are creating a legacy of “Housing and Communities IMPROVED BY FINANCE (IBF)”.



IMPROVE AND ADAPT:   This is the Adinkra symbol called “Twistings.”  It represents adapting, improving, changing, resilience and the ability to use these qualities to withstand hardship.   Adinkra are a philosophical language of visual symbols with multilayered meanings used by the Akan people of Ghana, West Africa.



 FINANCING:  The America dollar sign represents financial capital and resources.  Financing is a central tool used to create change in housing and communities. The withdrawal of capital and the challenge of attracting new capital to neighborhoods has resulted in substandard conditions and a lack of opportunities for people in many areas.



 EXPERTISE AND WISDOM:  This Adinkra symbol is known as “The Wisdom Knot”.  This symbol represents wisdom, ingenuity, and intelligence.  The Akan believe that a wise person has the ability to choose the best way to achieve a goal and the capacity to apply their knowledge to solving practical problems  and attaining meaningful results.